Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about the Municipal Payment Portal. If your question has not been answered here, reach out to us by email at, or by calling 281-489-0630 (Ext 2)!

Why should I register? 

Customers who wish to pay utility bills online must register for an account on the Municipal Payment Portal platform. Account holders who do not wish to pay online are not required to register on the Municipal Payment Portal. Multiple alternative utility payment options are available to customers. However, all utility customers are encouraged to register for the new portal in order to take advantage of the system’s benefits!

Why is the City of Manvel switching to the Municipal Payment Portal?

As the City grows, its needs change. With so many new residents joining our community, we have outgrown our old software. The new software allows the City to expand, grow, and incorporate more features than the software we have currently.

What benefits does the new platform have for residents?

The Municipal Payment Portal provides a host of new benefits for residents such as an automatic recurring payments option, multiple account management, intuitive platform navigation, user-friendly account setup, and so much more!

What is the final day that I can use my Asyst customer portal?

The previous portal link will no longer be active after the current utility billing cycle. You will need to migrate your account to the Municipal Payment Portal.

Will I need to set up a new account on the Municipal Payment Portal platform?

Yes, customers will need to create a new login and password on the Municipal Payment Portal where they can link their accounts to the new platform. This account number will be different from the number you are familiar with on the Asyst portal.

Will my login information transfer over to the new Municipal Payment Portal platform?

Residents' current billing information will transfer over, but any logins or passwords created to pay bills using the previous platform will have to be reset with the new platform.

Will my automatic payments transfer to the new platform?

On the previous platform, automatic payments were only offered with bank account drafts. If residents wish to continue using this method, their information will be transferred. If residents prefer to set up autopay on their credit or debit cards, they will need to contact the Utilities Department to cancel the bank draft and set up a user profile on the new platform which will enable automatic payments using cards.

Will my balance be transferred to the new platform? 

All outstanding balances and account information remaining on the previous platform has been transferred to the new billing software, which will appear on the new platform.

I have a surplus credit on my account, will that be transferred to my new account? 

All account balances, including credits, have been transferred over to the new billing software.