Development Services

The goal of the Development Services Department is to guide the development in the City of Manvel and the extraterritorial jurisdiction by advocating for a long-term, comprehensive approach to planning and development while providing for strategic and complimentary new growth. The Department administers planning, zoning, engineering, capital projects and building permits and performs building inspections. We also serve as support staff to the Planning, Development, and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment.


The Planning Department is responsible for land use development management through the administration of the Zoning Ordinance,  Subdivision Ordinance, and Comprehensive Plan, and the implementation of various other Master Plans such as the Major Thoroughfare Plan. Learn more about the Planning Department.


The Permits Department ensures Manvel’s residences and places of business are designed and completed to standards for quality, safety, and efficiency standards in accordance with the adopted building, zoning, subdivision, and fire/safety regulations. Learn more about the Permits Department.


The Engineering Department facilitates the development and implementation of long-range plans and policies such as various master plans and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and helps shape the physical environment through the enforcement of codes, regulations, and standards to ensure quality development. Learn more about the Engineering Department.

Building Inspections

The Building and Inspections Department provides assistance for all issues relating to permitting of construction and building code compliance. Building permits are required for all commercial or residential construction or demolitions in the city. Learn more about the Building Inspections Department.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Department is an internal services bureau which supports a wide variety of departments in their daily operations by creating, maintaining, analyzing, and providing access to location-based data. GIS compiles data from various sources including plans, ordinances, and field research into a centralized database for easy access. In addition, GIS provides public access to information through online interactive maps, as well as providing some of the more commonly requested GIS data. Learn more about the GIS Department or view the GIS map.