Health Services

What is Health?

The mission of Health Services is to ensure the quality and safety of food service establishments for residents and visitors of the City of Manvel. Food service establishments include restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, daycares, schools, and food trucks. Entities operating within the City are subject to strict regulations and held to a high standard of service to the City and its residents. 

If you need to file a complaint with an entity within the City of Manvel, please fill out the Health Services Complaint Form.

What is Food Service?

Any establishment, operation, and business that stores, prepares, packages, services, vends, sells, or offers food for human consumption. 

What is Food?

The term “food” means any article used for food or drink; a raw, cooked, or processed edible substance, ice, beverage, or ingredient; chewing gum; components of such. 

What the Scorecard Placard?

After every routine health inspection, the Health Officer issues a score based on any violations found at the time of the bi-annual routine health inspection. The Health Officer will post a scorecard placard at the entrance of each establishment. The scorecard placards are based on an A, B, or C rating. 

View the list of Licensed Mobile Food Units (PDF) in Manvel.
View the most recent Food Establishment Scores (PDF).




100-92AGenerally superior in food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance 
91-84BGenerally good in food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance
83-76CGenerally acceptable in food handling practices and overall general food facility maintenance
75-0Score Number
(Number Grade)
Poor in food handling practices and overall general food facility maintenance. 

Health Permit

The City of Manvel implements a permitting system for all kinds of food establishments, including temporary food establishments and mobile food units (food trucks). All food establishments within the city limits MUST have a valid health permit. Operating without a valid health permit will result in closure and possible court citation. All permits are non-transferable.  

Health Permit Application (PDF) 

Temporary Health Permit Application (PDF) 

Mobile Food Unit Permit Application (PDF)

Applications can be submitted by email to, through the mail, or in-person at, 20025 Hwy 6.


The City of Manvel Health Services follows all Federal, State, and local codes. For specific regulations, please refer to the links below. 


The City of Manvel Health Services has updated ordinance Article X. This new ordinance increases the allowance of Mobile Food Unit operations within the City of Manvel. The updated ordinance took effect on  March 1, 2023. 

The new local code allowed Mobile Food Units to operate at: 

  • City Events; 
  • City approved Special Events;
  • City Approved Type C Recurring Special Events; and 
  • Private events (where admission is not open to the general public) on private property. 

For more details, please see the links above. 

If you have any questions, please contacted the Health Services Department at 281-489-0630 X3.